Lotto Scam

About the Scam
The Police Department has received reports of a lottery scam being perpetrated on residents. A resident receives a formal letter that says they have won a lottery held in Dublin, Ireland. The letter goes on to say that entrants in this lottery are residents from North America, Europe and Asia and you are selected as one of the winners. Enclosed in the envelope is an official looking check usually in the amount of $2,000 - $3,000. The letter instructs you to deposit this check into your bank account, and withdraw a slightly lesser sum (to cover fees and taxes) and send this amount to them and you will in turn receive your award which is approximately $114,000. Within a couple of days your bank will contact you to inform you the check is fraudulent. In some cases the victim did withdraw the money and sent it to the letter's originator who is listed as "Imperial Foundation Lotto."

This is a fraud. Do not send any money and do not attempt to deposit this check into your bank account. Residents who receive this or a similar letter should contact the Police Department.