Ruse Burglary

About the Scam
This offense is committed when a con man spots someone out in their yard. He/she approaches the person and then attempts to distract the person’s attention. During this time a second (or third) person then enters the home while the homeowner is distracted, and steals valuables such as jewelry or cash.

Crime Prevention
If you’re working in your yard, keep all entry/exit locations to your house locked that are not in your view. If a stranger approaches you and wants to use your phone, tell him/her no, but you will make an emergency call for him/her if they desire. Do not let anyone you don’t know into your house. Sometimes con men pose as utility workers, if you are not expecting a utility worker at your house ask to see identification and call the utility company to verify the identity.

If you think you are a victim of a con game or con man, stop the con and call the Romeoville Police Department at 815-886-7219.