Village Clerk Dr. Bernice E. Holloway

Holloway Final
The Village Board approved the appointment of Dr. Bernice Holloway to the position of Village Clerk at the Regular Board Meeting on November 17, 2010. Bernice filled the unexpired term of her husband, the late Raymond Holloway, until she was elected to serve a two year term in April 2011.

Bernice has been a Romeoville resident for more than ten years; and has demonstrated her commitment to Romeoville by serving as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner, and as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals since 2006. She has two adult sons. Bernice holds a Doctorate and Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Roosevelt University, a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Chicago State University and an Associate of Arts Degree from Chicago City College.

Bernice brings to the position of Village Clerk of Romeoville a broad background in management, supervision, and governance of schools. She recently served as Associate Director of the Chicago Education Alliance (CEA) at Roosevelt University. She worked with various partnership grants and general activities supported through the CEA. In particular, she assisted with cross-university programs and policy development for the Illinois Professional Learners Partnership (IPLP) - a five university, statewide partnership focused on improving teacher quality through positive change in recruitment, preparation, licensing, certification, and ongoing support of teachers. Her primary responsibility was to coordinate a technology grant from IBM, linking the Chicago Public Schools and these Chicago Education Alliance partner universities through online technology.

Additionally, Bernice served as an Assistant Professor of Education in the College of Education of Roosevelt University teaching Educational Administration and Leadership courses at both the master's and doctoral levels. In the area of service, Bernice has made many significant contributions to Roosevelt University, to School District 88, to her academic field, and her connections to students and to those who lead schools are noteworthy. She has provided professional consultation to local, regional, and state educational organizations, including the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association, the Golden Apple Foundation, and the Illinois State Board of Education.