Sanitary Sewer Line Maintenance

Sanitary Sewer Line Maintenance Responsibility

In accordance with ordinance number 2236-93, S52.16; the maintenance of the sanitary sewer line for residential and commercial properties is as follows:
  • (A) The property owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the private sewer line from their structure to the main sewer or public sewer including the tap into the main/public sewer.
  • (B) In the event the property owner finds it necessary to excavate the private sewer line for maintenance or replacement, that shall be the property owner's responsibility.
  • (C) In those instances when property owners have had to excavate and as a result the sidewalk, curb and street have been dug out, the village will be responsible for the restoration of the street (surface and sub-surface) curb and sidewalk.
  • (D) In those instances where division (C) is involved, it is recommended tunneling under the curb and sidewalk whenever practical. Sidewalk and curb must be cut when removal is required.
  • (E) All work, as it is related to the replacement and/or repair of the private sewer line, shall be in conformance with the village standard construction specifications and will be inspected by a village inspector during the repair and replacement.

Village Of Romeoville Sewer Repair Construction Specifications


These specifications shall be closely followed prior to and during all sewer repairs between the main and any structure within the corporate limits of the Village of Romeoville.


This specification shall apply only to sewer repairs made from the main to the structure connection and are solely the responsibility of the occupant.

Building Permits Required

All sewer repairs, excluding rodding, in residential, commercial, industrial zoning districts are required to obtain a plumbing permit prior to the commencement of work including excavation. Permits for emergency work shall performed on weekends or holidays shall be applied for on the first normal working day after the repairs were made regardless of whether the repairs are completed and the site has been inspected and backfilled.


Prior to any excavation, State law requires JULIE to be contacted for underground utility locations at 800-892-0123. Excavation shall not take place until JULIE issues a digging approval to the contractor. If it is necessary to excavate through sidewalk, parkway, and/or street to facilitate repairs, it shall be the contractor's responsibility to restore the parkway to its original grade and seed/sod the backfilled excavation.

All excavations through sidewalks and street shall require a $500 cash bond in the form of a company check made out to the Village of Romeoville. This check will be returned upon satisfactory inspection of the completed job.


All sewer line repairs shall be either PVC schedule 40 or cast iron pipe.

Stub Connections

Connections to the stub from the main and from the building shall be made as follows:
  • Cast iron to PVC:
    • Approved adapter fitting
    • Mission coupling
    PVC Pipe coupling or fittings shall be appropriately cleaned and solvent glued.
  • Cast iron to cast iron:
    • Neoprene rubber gaskets
    • Poured and leaded and caulked joint

Clean-out Required

All clean-outs shall be located within 3 feet of the structure and shall be constructed of schedule 40 PVC with a screw plug and cover which shall not protrude above grade more than 2 inches. Clean-outs shall be installed in such a way it allows rodding to be easily accomplished in both directions.


Bedding shall be of gravel or sand.


Backfilling shall be a two step process:
  1. The newly installed pipe shall be covered with sand or gravel to a depth not less than six (6) inches.
  2. The excavated soil to be then placed in twelve (12) inch lifts and compacted for grass areas. Street and sidewalk excavations must be backfilled and compacted with Grade 8 stone.

Final Inspection Required For Certificate of Completion

Two inspections are required for all repairs that are made within the property lines of the lot in which the repairs were made as follows:
  • Inspection upon the excavation
  • Inspection prior to backfilling
All excavations and repairs made in sidewalks, parkways, or streets must be inspected, prior to backfilling, by the Village of Romeoville Department of Public Works. If emergency sewer repairs are required after normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.), or during weekends or holidays, the contractor shall contact the Romeoville Police Department at 815-886-7219, with permits being obtained on the following business day.