Where does the water in the village come from?

The kitchen sink, that’s easy! It often feels that simple, but the water supply provided by the Village has somewhat of a more complicated route before you actually use it in your homes or businesses.

The Village of Romeoville draws its groundwater supply from 5 deep wells (pumping water from 900 - 1,200 ft. below the surface) and 7 shallow wells (pumping from 80 -200 ft. below the surface) located throughout the Village.

Once the raw water is pumped, chlorine is added for disinfection. This treated water is then transported to various storage tanks throughout the Village. Through a maze of mains, the water is then pumped to all areas of the Village. Feeding off the main line is each individual service line leading into your residence or business. A buffalo box is installed at the beginning of the service line just off the main which serves as the primary access to terminate and restore water service to an individual home. As the service line feeds into the home, there is a shut-off valve just prior to the water meter. This valve is owned and maintained by the resident and allow residents to terminate the supply of water feeding into the home when needed. 

The Village of Romeoville monitors the tank levels, pressures, and flow through a sophisticated program called SCADA. Levels in the storage tanks do not remain constant throughout the day. During the night and early morning hours, the tank levels are at their highest. As the usage throughout town increases, the tank levels decrease. This cycle allows constant pumping rates and minimizes the number of starts and stops on the pumping equipment.

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1. Where does the water in the village come from?
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