What is your refund policy?
When registering for a recreational program refunds are issued only if extenuating circumstances warrant. If a refund is issued it is on a prorated basis. Refunds are issued by the Village of Romeoville through the mail not by the Recreation Department. You should receive your refund within 30-60 working days after filling out a refund request form at the Romeoville Recreation Department. If the Recreation Department cancels a program/class you will be refunded your full amount that you paid for the class. It will be processed within 2-5 business days.

Rental refundable cash deposit may be picked up at the Recreation Center no earlier than 4 and no more than 10 business days after the rental. Deposits must be picked up in person within the 4 to 10 day period. If the rental deposit is not picked up within the time frame, the cash will be deposited into the Village of Romeoville general fund and a check for the amount of the deposit will automatically be requested in the name of the Lessee. Lessee will receive their check for the deposit from the Village of Romeoville approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the date of their event.

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2. What is your refund policy?
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