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FSVO & FAE Driving Skills Course

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Students who attend the Fire Service Vehicle Operator course and the Fire Apparatus Engineer course must also complete the NFPA driving obstacle course AND the road driving test before they can become fully certified. These driving tests are not done during the regular-ly scheduled FSVO & FAE classes. Traditionally students had to go back to their home departments to complete these tests, which at times were not done in a timely manner, and held up the students’ certifications. To help facilitate this, the RFA is offering this training session for FAE & FSVO students who need to complete their driving skills test. Students who register will be contacted by the RFA to choose a one-hour time slot where they will come to our training location with a pumper apparatus from their home department and perform both the driving obstacle course and the road test. Both tests shouldn’t take more than an hour. 

Test slots will run from 8 am – 5 pm. Students who register will be contacted by RFA after registration to secure which one-hour time slot they would like. 

These driving tests will qualify for FSVO AND FAE. Students who have attended both classes will not have to do the skills tests twice. Also, the tests can be performed prior to attending FSVO / FAE and will still count for certification provided that students attended FSVO / FAE and pass the state exam within a year of doing the driving tests.


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