Romeoville Gymnastics


AGE: 6 - 18

Provide your daughter the opportunity to learn, grow, develop, and mature into an outstanding young adult and athlete.

Our team nurtures and instills confidence in athletes to achieve anything they put their minds to. With that said, the utmost priority is to provide an incredible experience for each gymnast. This happens because the gymnasts, parents, families, and coaches work together as a team.

Being a part of the Romeoville Gymnastics is very rewarding and fun; however, it requires a huge commitment from both the gymnast and her family.  If your child makes the team, commitments include: year-round practices, strict attendance policy, competitions (local and long-distance), additional fees for competitions & uniforms, and additional performances/appearances.

Competitive TEAM TRYOUTS

Tryouts for the Tumbleweeds team occur each year in July for the upcoming season. For mid-season inquiries please reach out to the supervisor for more information.

Program Supervisor: Anne Harmon