Young Adult Recreational Programs



Program will go over the basics of boxing, from the jab to combination. This program will build self-confidence while building on the boxing basics to succeed in the ring. There will be some light sparring. Also, there will be a showcase event at the end of the session, trophies and/or medals on 10/30. Participants will need the following authorized gear; team shirt, mouth guard with case, hand wraps, and gloves. All can be purchased from instructor for a $50 fee.

AGE: 15+    FEE: $75R / $100NR    MIN/MAX: 4/15

CODE           DATE           TIME      DAY(S)
2020501-A    9/11-11/13    8:00PM-9:00PM    FRIDAY


Interested in learning how to coach a youth sport? This class will cover the basic rules, training drills and a practice plan for the sport ofvolleyball and basketball. This class is for new and experienced coaches looking to become or develop into an experienced coach. 

AGE: 15+    FEE: $20R / $30NR    MIN/MAX: 4/15

CODE              DATE    TIME                     DAY(S)
2020701-A       9/1        6:00PM-8:00PM    TUESDAY
2020701-B      10/20     6:00PM-8:00PM    TUESDAY


We are excited to announce our new Adult Indoor Volleyball League beginning this Fall. The season will consist of 6 regular season games with 1-3 playoff games. We recommend getting a team together and designate a captain to pay the registration team fee or you may register individually. All adult games will have certified officials with an on-site supervisor. We will have a tournament at the end, with the first-place team receiving a trophy.

Registration Ends: September 5
Team Captain Meeting: September 10
Games Begin: September 17 / November 5
Team Uniforms: Uniforms are required, but not provided by the Romeoville Recreation Department. A uniform package is available to purchase through the Athletic Supervisor.
Roster/Team Size: Min 5/Max 10 (Must have a minimum of 1 female on roster)
Games: Thursday nights, between 6:00-9:30pm 

AGE: 18+    FEE: $375R / $425NR    MIN/MAX: 4/12

CODE           DATE         TIME                      DAY(S)
2022801-A    9/17-11/5    6:00PM-9:30PM    THURSDAY


Get spooky and create your own Halloween wreath! This is a DIY class and will have structured guidance. All supplies included but feel free to bring your own spooky items.

AGE: 18+    FEE: $40R / $60NR    MIN/MAX: 6/20

CODE              DATE    TIME                      DAY(S)
2030100-C       10/5       6:00PM-8:00PM    MONDAY


Fall is the perfect time to break out that InstantPot and create some comforting meals! Come watch as we turn simple ingredients into a hearty, comforting meal for the soul. Samples will be provided.

AGE: 18+    FEE: $7R / $11NR    MIN/MAX: 6/20

CODE              DATE    TIME            DAY(S)
2030100-A       10/21     6PM-8PM    WEDNESDAY


Who doesn’t love pot stickers! Come hang out whether it is date night, friend time, or family time and make pot stickers from scratch with us. You’ll learn how to make the dough, filling, and how to cook them! All ingredients provided, along with samples!

AGE: 18+    FEE: $7R / $11NR    MIN/MAX: 6/20

CODE     DATE    TIME     DAY(S)
2030802-A      10/14     6:00PM-8:00PM    WEDNESDAY


Homemade Raviolis are the best served on Christmas. Come learn how to make your own pasta dough and filling to create light delicious Ravioli. Fee includes all ingredients. Samples will be provided as well as ravioli to take home.

AGE: 18+    FEE: $15R / $18NR    MIN/MAX: 6/20

CODE              DATE    TIME                      DAY(S)
2030802-B       12/9       6:00PM-8:00PM    Wednesday


Tis’ the season!  Experience the magic of the holidays by taking a tour of the decorated home winners of the 2020 Beautification Commission Holiday Decoration Contest. 18 houses in Romeoville will be on the tour.  Hot chocolate and holiday cheer will be provided.  

Bus departs from the Recreation Center, 900 W Romeo Rd. 17 years and younger, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years and older. No outside food or drinks may be brought onto the bus.  

For more information about participating your home in the Holiday Decoration Contest contact 815-886-5022 or by e-mail

FEE: $5R / $8NR          MIN/MAX: 8/13

CODE      DATE    TIME      DAY(S)
2002512-A       12/17     5:45PM-8:15PM    THURSDAY