The rims are ready and the hardwood is set to host hoops for junior high, high school, or rec league teams. Be it practice or a game, our 10 high school regulation size courts are available for rental. The Romeoville Athletic & Event Center also boasts a large spectator area, so set up a league and let us be the host of your very own March Madness.

We're the home court for a number of clubs and organizations like IL Flight, Pino Sports Academy, IL T-Wolves, IL Storm, and Thunder Basketball to name a few. We are also the location of choice for tournaments hosted by Prep Hoops, Made Hoops, and One Day Shootouts.

Some of the area's best trainers call the Romeoville Athletic & Event Center home.


Sam Franklin Basketball

My name is Samuel Franklin. I played college basketball before I ended my career early to start training players. Since 2016 when I started Sam Franklin Basketball I have trained hundreds of athletes of all ages and levels from elementary school to NBA players. I have helped players reach many goals from making the team after not making it to earning a division 1 scholarship. Here we believe in a science-based approach to player development with a combination of technical and tactical work and application through small sided games being an optimal way to take a players game to the next level. 



Work Until Basketball

Hello! I am coach AC (Arnold Coates Jr.)and I hold over 14 years of basketball coaching experience that focuses on individual/group guard, forward, and post player training for youth, high school and college players. I take my role as a player developer very seriously and tailor each private workout to each players strengths and weaknesses through my basketball evaluation session. I can not wait to introduce myself and meet you all in the future. If you have any questions or concerns before or after a session feel free to ask me.

P: 970 571-2803

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  1. Noel Maldonado, CPRP

    Manager of Revenue and Athletic Facilities