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easter pallet painting

Make holiday crafting easy! Come to the Rec Center to make your newest Easter Pallet Decoration. All supplies will be provided by us. Feel free to bring your own paints, ideas, brushes, fabrics, or bows..    

Age: 18 and up   Fee: $30/R - $45/NR          

Code        Date    Time                          Day        Min/max

19W400     4/3     6:30pm-8:30pm     Wednesday     0/18

garden seed planting 

Have you ever wanted to plant your own vegatable seeds but don’t know how to start? Try it out today at the Recreation Center! We will be discussing how to start seeding, when to plant, and how to care for plants. Fee includes all materials.

Age: 18 and up   Fee: $19/R - $29/NR          

Code          Date    Time                          Day   Min/max

19W401     3/13     6:30pm-8:30pm     Wednesday     5/20

four winds casino 

Visit the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan. Four winds has over 2,600 slot machines and 49 table games.  This trip includes motor coach transportation, $10 lunch credit, $15 slot machine credit, all other gaming is on your own. You must bring your ID to get into casino.

Age: 21 and up   Fee: $26/R - $39/NR          

Code          Date    Time                          Day   MIN/max

19W501     2/13      8:30am-5:00pm     Wednesday     30/55

19W503     4/17      8:30am-5:00pm     Wednesday     30/55

men’s 12” recreational softball league

Has your team been playing in competitive softball leagues and not having fun?  If so, this league is for you! We will follow the USSSA rules for recreational softball with a few in-house rules added.  Prizes will be awarded to 1st place regular season team and 1st place in the tournament.    

Age: 18 and up   Fee: $475/R - $575/NR          

Code        Date    Time                          Day   Min/Max

19W820     5/1-6/19     6:30pm-10:30pm     Wednesday     4/16

bald eagle trolley tours 

Tours include transportation, tour guide, eagle presentation at the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center and lunch in our dining room. See this American symbol in its natural habitat. Dress warmly and bring binoculars and cameras. Eagle sightings are not guaranteed in warmer weather. There is minimal walking and restrooms are available throughout the tour.

Age: 18 and up   Fee: $49/R - $70/NR          

Code          Date    Time                          Day   MIN/max

19W504     1/14     9:15am-4:30pm     Monday     10/14

lake geneva winterfest snow sculpting 

Every year Lake Geneva hosts an annual snow sculpting competition. Come see the beautiful sculptures and enjoy a day in Lake Geneva. Fee includes transportation.

Age: 21 and up   Fee: $30/R - $40/NR          

Code          Date    Time                          Day   Min/Max

19W500     2/2     8:00am-7:00pm     Sat     10/27

Adult karate

This program is for students ages 15 years and older.  Students will learn the complete Isshin-Ryu Karate curriculum: basic techniques, forms, sparring, traditional weapons, pressure point applications, and practical self-defense against both unarmed and weapon attacks.   

Age: 15 and up   Fee: $90/R - $135/NR          

Code        Date    Time                          Day   Min/Max

19W801     1/22-5/7     8:0pm-9:00pm     Tuesday     7/15

adult sand volleyball league

Check out the new sand volleyball courts at Discovery Park.  In this new league teams will play 4 on 4 volleyball with regular volleyball scoring.  There will be regular season play as well as a tournament at the end of the season.  Winning teams will receive championship shirts. 

Age: 18 and up   team Fee: $250/R - $300/NR          

Code          Date    Time                          Day   Min/Max

19W802     5/23 - 7/11     6:00pm-8:00pm     Thursday     

baby boomer bowling bash

The Romeoville Recreation Department invites all men and women 50 years of age and better to participate in our bowling competition. Event located at Strike ‘N Spare II (811 Northern Drive, Lockport). Shoe rental not included.

Age: 50 and up     Register by May 3rd.

Fee: $25/bowler - $12/lunch only   


TIME: 9:00am - 2:00pm 


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