Registration Information


Residency Information
Residents may register all days of registration by mail, over the counter or online. In district fees are for Romeoville residents. Proof of identity/age and residency is required at the time of registration in order to receive resident rates, and may be one of the following:
  • Current utility bill
  • Current tax bill
  • Vehicle registration
  • Home purchase contract
  • Photo ID (state-issued ID or drivers license) 
Water bills are not accepted. Please be prepared to show identification during all registration periods to ensure residency and confirm information on file.

Non-residency Information
Mail-in and walk-in registration from non residents will only be accepted during the non resident registration period. Non-resident fees are 1.5 times more for programs unless otherwise noted. Romeoville residents have priority in registering for all programs.

Online Registration Policy
All Recreation Department participants are eligible to register online for predetermined programs. Heads of household must come into the Recreation Center to provide proof of residency and identity so they may receive resident rates during online registration. Residency must be proven with one of the following: a current utility bill, a current tax bill, vehicle registration, or home purchase contract; and a photo ID (state-issued ID or driver’s license). At that time, they will be issued a user name and password that will identify them as a resident when they are registering online.

Participants who are residents and wish to use the online registration service must first acquire a password from the Romeoville Recreation Department. The password expires after one year and must be renewed annually. Residents who do not acquire a password or renew their password through the Recreation Center will be charged non-refundable non-resident fees online.

Online registration residents must annually prove residency at the Recreation Center prior to online registration to receive resident rates.