Winter Safety Tips

Christmas Trees
If you purchase a fresh tree make sure you keep the tree watered. The most predominant time for a tree to burn easily is when it is dry and the pine needles start to fall off. Always throw the tree away before it becomes dry due to use. Do not try to burn the tree in your fire place!

With either a fresh or fake tree it is not a good idea to keep the lights on for extended periods of time when you are home. It is not recommended to leave the Christmas tree lights on when you are not home.

Christmas Lights
Remember not to overload the circuits. The amount of slots you are given should be all that you use instead of doubling them up. For the outside lights, if you have an open end where water can seep into place a piece of duct tape to prevent water from seeping in and causing a power surge. Try and have all of your lights connected to surge protectors.

Holiday Cooking
Always make sure that you are watching what you are cooking. If you have young children at home you should turn all pot handles in to prevent them from reaching up and spilling hot stuff on themselves. Make sure your smoke detectors work.

They should get services at least once a year, twice if you want to be careful. This ensures that it is working properly and should not cause any problems. Those who do not clean them annually once they go to turn the heat on it gives off an awful odor.

Space Heaters
These should be placed at least 3 feet away from flammable items such as walls, draperies and furniture. Always unplug them before you leave the house.

They need to be cleaned annually especially if you burn in them frequently. Only burn wood and never burn paper or rags. Always use the fireplace screen to keep hot embers from coming out and burning things. Also, it may not be a bad idea when you have children around.

Snow Blowers
Before you plow your driveway make sure you warm up with a little walk to prevent injuries. Never place your fingers near the propeller of the snow blower.

Thin Ice
Children make sure you stay away from all ponds, lakes and rivers no matter how solid you make think the ice is. It only takes a few seconds for someone to fall in and can't get out.