Emergency Medical Services

Obtaining Copies of Ambulance Reports

Reports are generally available within 24 hours after the incident. Anyone requesting reports must meet criteria as defined in the Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF) for the Village. If criteria is met, a report can be obtained in person at the Fire Prevention Bureau located at 1050 W. Romeo Rd. Romeoville IL 60446. A fee may apply. These are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

seniors/Special Needs Patients

Residents who are seniors or who have special medical needs (important medications, medical devices, or other requirements) are encouraged to fill out the Registry form. This form will be submitted directly to the Romeoville Fire and Police Departments so that emergency responders will know ahead of time about any special circumstances that may encounter when responding to a call at your home. This database may also be used in the event of emergencies like power outages and weather related occurrences. The information will remain confidential and be used only by fire, police, and 9-1-1 personnel that serve your area.

Ambulance Fees

The Village of Romeoville charges for ambulance services. A current fee schedule can be obtained by calling the administrative offices at 815-886-7227, ext. 4103.

Hospital Transport Policy

The State of Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) requires that we transport to the closest hospital (210 ILCS 50/3.20-5). With the distance of Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, Fire Department Ambulances transport times are greatly reduced. This hospital is a great benefit to our citizens and to our department. In keeping with the IDPH mandate our primary transport hospital will be Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital for all emergency transports.

We are understanding and compassionate to the fact that many of our residents have developed a comfort level with their personal physicians and/or one of the other area hospitals. With that in mind when situations warrant and are permissible we will make every effort to accommodate requests to go to a facility other than the closest.

If a patient requests transport to a facility other than Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, it is required that the Paramedic contact medical control and advise them of the situation. The emergency room physician will then decide if a bypass to a facility other than the closest is acceptable. If the physician does not approve the bypass, the patient has the right to refuse transport to the closest hospital but this would be against medical advice.

Paramedic Policies

The paramedic's policies for request against medical advice:
  • The paramedics will advise the patient that they are acting against medical advice
  • The paramedic will ask the patient to sign a form indicating
    • They were advised to be transported to the closest hospital
    • That they are refusing transport to the closer hospital
    • That they understand by refusing to go to the closer hospital it may adversely affect their condition
The paramedics may then transport to the hospital requested, when all criteria has been met and signatures obtained.
Hospitals that will be considered for bypass are listed below:
  • Edward Hospital, Naperville
  • Good Samaritan, Downers Grove
  • Silver Cross Hospital, New Lenox
  • Saint Joseph Medical Center, Joliet
If a request is made to be transported to any other facility than those listed, a private ambulance service will be contacted to provide transport.