Conservation and Sustainability Committee

about the committee

This committee was established in 2023 to focus on conservation and sustainability. The nine-member committee will be appointed and charged with the responsibility of providing assistance and guidance to the Village in promoting conservation, environmental stewardship, and sustainability for the benefit of current and future generations of residents.

The new committee replaces the previous Green Team initiative that the Village originally created in 2008. This new effort will build upon many of the endeavors already ongoing in the community like the volunteer program for the clean-up and restoration at O’Hare Woods in partnership with the Conservation Foundation. 

The Village has already launched programs to promote rain barrel usage and water conservation, recycling, solar panel installation at homes and businesses, and a successful community garden program, among others.

Building upon those efforts, the committee will help generate ideas and recommendations on the development and implementation of conservation measures and sustainable practices. They will also engage in education, outreach, and the development of community initiatives within the village to encourage residents and the business community to adopt and implement conservation measures and sustainable practices. The committee will develop a Sustainability Challenge for village businesses, not for profits, and community groups. The voluntary program will evaluate current practices and suggest the implementation of new conservation and sustainability practices. Annual recognition of participants’ successful efforts will follow.

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    O'Hara Woods Volunteer Workday

    Come join The Conservation Foundation and the Friends of O'Hara Woods improve the ecological health of O’Hara Woods at our monthly volunteer workday. Activities include cutting invasive brush, burning brush piles, pulling garlic mustard and more. Additional Info...
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