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2023-11-30 November GroupX Schedule_Yodeck

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Release. Restore. Renew  Based on the science of functional movement, Circle Mobility focuses on flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises to help you move better and longer. Set to a soundtrack of healing tones and sound frequencies to help your mind focus and release stress.


This class will consist of building strength and stability as well as working on balance and posture. Help make daily activities easier by training with light weights, bender ball, and a chair.  We will do a short cardio section, strength and balance exercises, and end with stretching.  All are welcome as modifications are easily applied.


This military-inspired workout with cardiovascular exercises and strengthening elements includes positive coaching and motivation from the instructor. You can expect core training and flexibility and no intimidation tactics. This class will take your game to the next level and separate you from the rest.


Get moving for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise followed by core work which includes abs, butt, and back. Finish off the class with a cool down and full-body stretch. 


Strengthen your core, stretch the body, get balanced and stronger.  This class will focus on Pilates plus incorporate 20 minutes of strength training using weights.


RIPPED is choreographed functional strength training techniques that gets you results.  This class includes warm up, hundreds of repetitions with your upper body, lower body and core, ending with a classic stretch.  


This 45 minute class will start with 5 minutes of warm up followed by 40 minutes of full body stretching and deep breathing exercises. 


 Use bodyweight, dumbbells, and plyometric interval training to push your workouts to the max!  

WARRIOR Strength™ 

WARRIOR Strength is a 60-minute class comprising of two sections.  CARDIO COUNTDOWN follows a consistent formula that makes time fly by.  With an emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning, this class is all about maximal caloric expenditure in a short amount of time.  GET PUMPED is a strength-based format that will tighten, tone, lengthen, and sculpt your muscles!


Improve flexibility, balance and strength while reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Yoga is great for loosening up the muscles and joints, and sharpening mental focus.


This class is slow gentle movement learning to listen to the body.  Starting with gentle yoga posture to warm up the body, then we will move into different yoga poses together to create a sequence.  Some sequences will be standing, on the ground, or in combination of going from standing to the ground. 


Join the party!  Zumba® is a fun, cardio workout with easy-to-follow dance steps inspired by Latin rhythms, featuring south-of-the-border moves that are spicy hot!  Dancer or not, burn calories, work up a sweat, and have a great time doing it!