Drama & Acting Classes

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kinder kids

Kinder Kids is an excellent way to introduce young children to dramatic art!  This high-energy, FUN & EDUCATIONAL program teaches early, positive social skills and strives to build the self-esteem of all participants through the use of drama techniques.  The class encourages imaginative thinking and expression! Participants work on non-verbal communication and movement, as well as develop speech with ad-libbing and memorization of mini-scripts along with a variety of theater games.
Age: 4 to 6   Fee: $40/R - $60/NR and *$90/R - $135/NR For details, click here.

drama kids

DRAMA KIDS is a remarkable, high-energy program that enhances critical thinking and public speaking skills, while boosting self-esteem!  Each FUN & EDUCATIONAL class will provide children many opportunities to use their imagination and express themselves.  The class encourages both effective verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate.  Character analysis, creative movement along with memorization of mini-scripts, improvisation, classroom performing and theater games aid in raising CONFIDENCE!  All students love to ‘ACT UP’ with a PURPOSE!
Age: 6 to 11   Fee: $43/R - $65/NR and *$96/R - $144/NR For details, click here.