Science Classes

s.t.e.m. how to code

Children learn programming essentials with software developed by MIT and program their own interactive stories, games, and animations using systematic reasoning, creativity and collaboration. This class is a multi-level program where children are placed based on skills and experience.  Age: 8 to 14   Fee: $70/R - $105/NR   For Details, Click Here

lego engineering academy

Learn about machines and how they move by building race cars, cranes, a dog, solar windmills, and a pneumatic lift. Learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math while gaining skills and confidence through exploring and problem-solving.  Age: 7 to 14   Fee: $70/R - $105/NR      For Details, Click Here

lego robotics academy

This a comprehensive, repeatable after school program where children learn to design, build and program robots. Instructors use a creative educational approach with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   Age: 6 to 14   Fee: $70/R - $105/NR   For Details, Click Here

the science lab

Discover Science! Learn to make a stress ball, the biology of blood clots and guts, and the formation of the growth of crystals focusing on fun experimentations.   Age: 8 to 12   Fee: $60/R - $90/NR    For Details, Click Here

junior scientist

Discover and learn new thrilling and hands on activities in this class. Learn about chemical reactions, concoct their own fake snot, and discover quick sand. Age: 4 to 7   Fee: $60/R - $90/NR    For Details, Click Here

Junior engineers

We focus on exploration with free play, guided projects and understandable lessons. Each class is designed to offer an exciting, hands-on experience encouraging collaboration and teamwork.  Age: 4 to 6   Fee: $211/R - $316/NR   For Details, Click Here  

apprentice engineers

This program is designed for students to be exposed to the Engineering Design Process. Activities are hands-on with goals in mind to help improve critical thinking and problem solving skills, inspire “out of the box” thinking.  Age: 7 to 11   Fee: $211/R - $316/NR    For Details, Click Here